#SN. Date Ministry Circular/Notification
1 28-Mar-2024 DoF Marketing of FOM/LFOM in Bulk form is allowed beyond March 2024
2 15-Mar-2024 DA&FW Bulk Sale Notification - II
3 15-Mar-2024 MoPNG Notification for Pipeline connectivity scheme
4 07-Mar-2024 Others State wise institutions for technical benchmarking of CBG Technologies
5 27-Feb-2024 MoPNG Notification for mandatory blending of CBG in CNG (T) & PNG (D) segments of CGD network
6 08-Feb-2024 DoF State Co-ordinator for iFMS Issues
7 02-Feb-2024 MoPNG Scheme Guideline for Collection of Biomass
8 25-Jan-2024 Others Documents/ Checklist to be obtained for financing Compressed Bio Gas
9 14-Nov-2023 DA&FW Bulk Sale Notification
10 26-Oct-2023 MoPNG Extension of CBG-CGD synchronization scheme
11 20-Sep-2023 DoF Market Development Assistance Guidelines
12 08-Aug-2023 DARE/ICAR Package of practice of FOM & LFOM for important crops
13 29-Jul-2023 DA&FW FCO Amendment - C:N Ratio
14 10-Jul-2023 Others Bihar Bio-Fuels Production Promotion Policy, 2023
15 01-Jul-2023 DA&FW Operational guidelines for crop residue management
16 29-May-2023 DA&FW FCO Amendment - Moisture Content
17 17-May-2023 DA&FW FCO Amendment - Authorization Exemption
18 20-Feb-2023 MoEFCC Inclusion of CBG Plant in list of eligible activities for Carbon Credits under Article 6.2 of Paris Agreement
19 01-Feb-2023 MoPNG Notification excise duty exemption for CNG blended with CBG
20 01-Jan-2023 DA&FW Operational Guidelines of Financing Facility under Agriculture Infrastructure Fund
21 02-Nov-2022 MNRE Guidelines of Waste to Energy Program-MNRE
22 03-Oct-2022 Others Uttar Pradesh Bio Energy Policy 2022
23 20-May-2022 MoPNG CBG procurement price under SATAT
24 04-Apr-2022 DAHD Letter_CBG Plant inclusion in Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund (AHIDF) Scheme
25 22-Sep-2021 MoEFCC Revised categorization of CBG plants by CPCB
26 31-May-2021 DA&FW FCO Amendment - Inclusion of Liquid Fermented Organic Manure (LFOM)
27 09-Apr-2021 MoPNG CBG-CGD synchronization scheme
28 27-Oct-2020 DA&FW Letter_inclusion of CBG plant as eligible project in Agriculture Infrastructure Fund (AIF)
29 04-Sep-2020 Others Inclusion of CBG plants under Priority Sector Lending (PSL) by RBI
30 13-Jul-2020 DA&FW FCO Amendment - Inclusion of Fermented Organic Manure (FOM)
31 16-Jun-2015 Others MoRTH notification for Bio-CNG use in Vehicle